Hi, my name is Vivian and I'm just the average girl from a small Czech village. That's where I grew up to become a fine young lady. I was studying ceramics in college and got myself a good job in a ceramic factory. While I was in school, I met my first love. I loved him more than anything in this world. The factory where I was working closed down due to bankruptcy. That's when things started to go downhill with me and my boyfriend. We began to fight and I knew the relationship was over. I knew deep inside we would never be lovers again. This broke my heart and I didn't want to live any more. But, I decided to give my life a second chance.

I was too young to waste my life over one man.

I moved to a major city to further my education. I quickly found out that I couldn't find a good job. I worked as a cashier at a local supermarket. I worked long hours and the pay was terrible. I could barely afford to go to school, let alone eat. Things were rough and I began to get depressed again. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find a job that paid well. Soon things were about to change. Change in a very good way.

How it all started... I always make sure that I keep myself fit and trim. Many men say that I'm the sexiest girl they have ever met. I might be skinny, but I have really nice tits. I met a photographer who said I have a sizzling hot body. He asked if I would like to do a softcore porn shoot. I've always been shy, especially when naked around others. I found it to be very difficult to be naked around a stranger. But, I knew that I had bills to pay. Bills that were adding up I might add.

I did it. I shot the nude scenes, even though I was very uncomfortable. After about twenty minutes I got very horny. My juices where flowing and the studio smelled of my wet pussy. I was turned on, but didn't have anyone to take care of me. I was still too shy to masturbate in front of the camera. After the shoot I was very horny. I came straight home and masturbated. Not once, but twice. I was just so worked up I couldn't take it. I had learned something about myself that day that changed my life. I learned that I yearn for sex, more so than I ever imagined.