Black lingerie and stockings

I love posing in hot and sexy lingerie, I often do so just for fun alone in front of the mirror. Today, you're in luck :) come to see me stripping down and inserting sweet pink vibrator in my hungry pussy.

Susans first time on camera

Hi everyone, Susan here - my very first appearance on camera is here. I hope you'll enjoy my hot striptease and my tight body shown totally nude on camera for the first time!

Wet shirt and tight panties mean good fun

There's nothing better than wearing a white shirt, and then somehow wetting it. It entirely reveals your thick boobs, which is precisely what I wanted to happen here. So, I also took some cute panties along the way, and it all looked beautiful. Once my shirt was super wet, though, I took it off, and only my panties remained. Since then, I had tons of fun, removing them and masturbating naked. I enjoyed every single moment of it because it all made me feel good. I also had an intense orgasm that was super nice for me.

Sensually touching my pussy while slowly taking my clothes off

For today, I had something special in mind when it comes to my outfits. That's why I put on a cute bra, a transparent shirt, and a tight, gray, jeans skirt. Of course, I lost the dress and the shirt in the first few minutes of this clip, and since then, I've pleased myself wonderfully. I love the feeling of it, and it's fantastic. There's nothing better than touching my tight and wet pussy, and that's one thing that always makes me cum. I love doing this, and it feels good on my body.

Fur coat and sex boots mean some exciting solo fun

I love to try different outfits out and to see how I look. So, today, instead of lingerie and dresses, I decided to try something different. I appeared nude, only wearing a fur coat and some sexy, black boots. This look suited me, and I looked like a dominant woman. All I wanted to do was to throw myself on the floor and sensually rub my pretty pink pussy. That's precisely what I did, and I enjoyed every moment of it, and that's the exact reason I came so much in the first place.

Wearing a skimpy dress and teasing you with my pussy

You see, I'm usually calm, collected, sensual, and passionate. But, sometimes, even a girl like me needs to be free. So, today, instead of some beautiful lingerie, I dressed in a skimpy dress. I was moving around on a chair, being all seductive, and then slowly took it off. It was fantastic, and I loved the way it made me feel. After that, though, I started to touch myself, and I lowered my body on the floor. Eventually, I was down there, teasing and pleasing myself, all while squirting and moaning, just for fun.

Sensually pleasing myself all while wearing a veil

It's fantastic when you spice your sex life up. So, I did that today. In this clip, I take a transparent veil, slowly and sensually moving all over the place with it. It looks fantastic, and it made me even hornier. So, I slowly lowered myself on the floor, and then I had some fun with my juicy, wet, tight, and pink pussy. I enjoyed touching it, and I did it all while slowly catching my breaths and moaning as well. It was all too exciting for me, and I loved every minute of it.

Playing with an old camera while pleasing myself

Sometimes, you have to fulfill your dreams and feel like you're in the fifties, young and free. So, I decided to do just that. I took some lingerie, put in on, and then I took an old camera. And everything since then was enjoyable! I took my panties off, slowly and seductively, and then I touched myself and loved every minute of it. While I was doing that, I was holding that camera and putting it on my body. The feeling of cold metal only teased me more, and eventually, it brought me to an orgasm.

Fruitful masturbation in my fun clothes

Sometimes, you have to spice things up a bit. That's why I dressed in some fun and colorful clothes today, including my cute stockings. But something was missing. So, I took a watermelon and decided to have some fun with it. After removing my panties, I took a piece of the fruit, and slowly rubbed it all over myself. Now, my pussy was even juicier, and it smelled like fruit. So, after that, masturbating and eating that watermelon was a total pleasure. It was so pleasing that I couldn't help but moan all the time.

Sensually pleasing myself while I'm wearing attractive lingerie

I love to wear lingerie, especially some dark, exciting stuff. Today, I wore some black and red lingerie, and it looked fantastic on my thick body. Of course, after slowly revealing it fully, I started to take it off, and that's when the real fun began. I was masturbating, and I was immensely enjoying that experience. While I was rubbing my pussy, I also was teasing my tits with my hands at the same time. I was panting and moaning, and you could feel every single wave of pleasure on my body directly from this clip.

Sensual strawberry eating and gentle solo pussy rubbing and teasing

We all like strawberries, and they're sometimes a big part of sex. So, I took some, and I started to eat them while wearing a dress sensually. That reminded me of how horny I indeed was, So I moved the skirt, took my boobs out of it, and started to please myself. While I was touching myself down there, I enjoyed eating more strawberries and rubbing them all over my boobs, for fun and pleasure. Of course, that was fantastic, and in the end, I had an intense orgasm from that too.

Surfing the internet before a wild masturbating session

There's nothing better than some chill internet browsing, which I moderately enjoy. But, sometimes, like now, when I do that, I'm horny. I was in some tight pants and a cute shirt, and I quickly had to remove them. When I did, all that was left was my cute bra and my panties. But, slowly, my panties disappeared too, and I was sensually moving all over the bed while I was touching my beautiful pussy. I was moaning and trying to catch my breath, but in the end, the orgasm that I had was too pleasurable, and I loved it.

I wake up slowly from a nap for masturbating pleasure

If you like a thick woman in her pajamas, then you're at the right place. Here, you can see me blissfully napping in some comfy ones, but then I slowly wake up. After that, before I even opened my eyes, I started to touch myself. After that, pretty quickly, my panties and lower part of pajamas were removed. And I was stimulating my pussy all over the place. The feeling was so sensational that I even had to roll over the bed a few times, and in the end, I had a fantastic climax, and I loved it all.

Beautifully masturbating in my attractive clothes on a chair

Here, you'll see me in some fun, colorful clothes. But, it's even more fun when I lose them, and finally start masturbating, which is what happened here. At first, I was hanging out in a small chair, in an office. But then, I got horny. So, slowly unzipped my hoodie, and then I removed my panties. Since then, I had some fun with myself. I touched my big boobs, and I played with my tight and wet, beautiful pussy. It all led to a fantastic orgasm because I had a great feeling from that pleasure.

Every time I shave my pussy I get really horny

I love performing for you guys, and keeping myself clean and shaved down there is part of that deal. I have to do it pretty often to keep it all tidy down there, however it creates a little problem for me too. I show you what I mean in this video right here as I go into the bathroom to shave my pussy while you watch while wearing my red top and panties. As I start shaving myself I can't help but start to feel horny. I don't know why! Whatever the reason, I always masturbate after shaving my pussy.

Taking off my cute pink undies for your pleasure

I love my pink lingerie outfit. It's sexy but also innocent at the same time. The bra ties around my neck and kind of makes a choker. It's really sexy, but even sexier than that are the pink panties that I've got here. It's incredible to see me in all the poses when I wear this set, but imagine what it's like when I start taking it all off. That's right, I'll be stripping down until I'm nude just so that you can have a nice wanking session. You're going to love watching my light skin against this dark backdrop.

My brand-new white dress and lace lingerie top

You might not think much about the fact that I put in a lot of time and effort into picking the right outfit for you, but I think you'll start to appreciate it here. The reason for that is that I really went out of my way today to pick out the most luxurious and posh white dress that I could find. On top of that, I have a white lace bra that I wanted to show you too. I'll play in it while we use a fan machine for a wind effect before stripping down completely nude for you.

Playing with my pussy and big tits on the couch

I did so much for you today, you won't even be able to believe it. I did my hair and curled it up a bit so that it's wavy, and I even dyed it so it gets a red tint as well. Other than that, I also made sure that I was clean as a whistle down there, apart fro a few pubes that I kept down the center of my pussy to get that clean trimmed look going. Trust me, you're going to love it. The best part is when I start stroking my clit and pussy for you.

Showing off my nude body against a glass panel

You might be wondering what's so special about seeing me naked through a glass panel? Well, have you even thought about the prospect of me perhaps leaning against it? That's exactly what I do here, and needless to say it's extremely hot. You'll love seeing my tits as they are pressed against the glass and they appear even bigger than they actually are. I mean, can you get any bigger than this? Well, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. You're going to love my trimmed pussy too as I press my crotch against the stained glass panel.

It's time for a warm and steamy bubble bath

You definitely wanted to see me take a bubble bath at some point, and today I'll be doing just that. Immediately upon seeing me in the tub, you'll get to see my tits because they're just too big for me to hide them under all the bubbles. I'm gonna rub and grope them for you by using all the bubbly foam that I managed to make with the shampoos and oils I used here. You're gonna love it. Don't forget about my trimmed pussy that's always a pleasure to see, especially in a bath. You're gonna love this sexy show.